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Monday, 24 April 2017


Excellent movie 3.5 Star
This ones a mind blowing narrative which focuses on women safety and the way society has its own perspective towards women and how justice is denied in the name of criminal or a rapist being juvenile or proved juvenile this movie has a strong point to focus on ie it doesn't matter whether such cruel and life harassing crime has been done by a juvenile or a adult crimes like rape need  stringent of the punishment in both the cases and no exception of any kind should be allowed . This revenge saga is a perfect movie to watch for another milestone for KFI , A movie to remember


The story is well written with a screenplay which transits and splits into different parts and scenarios but finally joins magically to deliver a message for life , loved the way the movie is stitched together with various events and happenings . The story starts with 2 journalists who have passion to do something meaningful for the women who are unsafe in this country they are at the same time demanding for  equal justice for crimes like rape no mater the criminal is a juvenile they spread awareness around with street plays etc and they have named this project Niebhaya and alongside this is a story of a American lady who has come to Bengaluru on a mission which is at the begening not revealed she is almost the mystery girl till a few mins of movie and slowly the plot unveils and we get to know she is on her way seeking revenge from those  bloody monsters and criminals who have raped her innocent friend and killed her but due to power and position they have managed to proved themselves juvenile and come out free with minimum of the punishment . Now does she seek revenge what are the happenings that happen around when she starts her journey how does it go , how are the journalists related to her ? Does she accomplish her mission? Or she is suppressed again by power and politicians ? What is the final outcome? For all these answers walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


The female leads Nivedhitha, Amrutha & Lauren spartano have done a great job and got justice to their roles , rest follows the ensemble cast who has equally done a good job


Its definetly a worth watch at cinemas it has a wonderful message to take over and a appeal to our system that its high time to change and get stringent rules for crime against women irrespective of the criminals age , position etc . I highly recommend watching this movie in the nearest cinema halls Shuddhu(Kannada)

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