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Saturday, 8 April 2017


Goosebumps guaranteed 4 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
What can be more inspiring than a 13 year old girl climbing the Mt Everest and the story being real to its facts . YOU WILL RETURN BACK CLAPPING AT THE CLIMAX.A beautifully portrayed sports reality drama which shows us that will power and a goal is all you need to reach heights once you have a reason to reach your goal your family background and all the other factors don't just count. I would recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls , amazingly inspiring movie
The screenplay is perfectly written and stitched to a perfect run time ie it is well edited nothing extra or nothing less its narrated the way its supposed to be and sticks to its facts , the direction is commendable . Climax is all about goosebumps . The story is about this small town girl Poorna who resides at this village where literacy rate is low and v low priority is give to education, all the elders wait is for the age just to get the girls married realising this poorna gets herself admitted in a school at a nearby village which provides free food , and education to save the cost of fees her parents agree to admit her and thats where she realises even these schools run fraud in the name of funds provided by govt and she plans to return back to her village and escapes from her school but to her luck exactly during that time a IPS officer who has love for the children and aims to do something for them opts out of his post to be a social welfare officer for the state he personally visits the schools which have v low drop out figures and takes corrective decisions to set it right and post this a lot of extra coCaricular activities along with academics go on and among all the extra caricular activity scheme one turns out to be mountain climbing where children are taken to a nearby mountain and trained with the basics and thats where poorna explores her love for mountain climbing and she takes it up seriously and she is supported by the officials and school authority but amidst she faces a lot of problems personally now what are those problems ? How does she tackle all these problems ? Does she succeed in being selected for the my Everest summit? How does she climb the mount at such extreme conditions and weather? Is what the movie is all about
Aditi inamdar who has played the role of Poorna is the ultimate show stealer of this movie with her stellar performance , coming to Rahul bose as a director as well as the Ips officer has really justified a role of simpleton and you would love him for his work . And rest follows the ensemble cast
its a worth watch at cinemas completely inspiring and time and again i say support movies like these which really make sense to collect high profits at box office . I highy recommend watching this movie in the cinemas only

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