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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Saat Uchakkey

Saat uchakkey
Get ready for the out and out laughter riot 3 star
Definitely a onetime entertainer with lot of gags but my warning keep your brains in rest as the plot of the movie is not tat impressive but entertainment part it will surely make you LOL , If you are watching it with your friends you will have double the fun ,first 30 mins of the movie is boring moving forward the film takes off to be entertaining and the same follows with the second half. STRICTLY NOT RECOMMENDED FOR FAMILY AUDIENCE as it has a lot of cuss words in its comic way . The actors in the movie are amazing and their comic time is impeccable . I recommend watching this in the cinemas.


The screenplay is dull at the beginning few minutes but slowly and steadily it takes off to be full off humour and make sure u keep laughing and giggling all throughout the movie though the story is not tat meaningful for its entertainment factor it sustains till the end with the  audience in connect. The story is about 7 people who meet up in a most uneven way for a uneven plan and team up really well and plan a mast game of finding treasure which can earn them lots of money and they start off with their plan amidst this is a load of humour dose fun masti and a lot of cuss words exchanged . Finally do they succeed in getting the treasure out ? Or something comes their way ? What is the outcome ? For all these answers walk in to the nearest cinema halls


The show stealer is ultimately vijay raaz the typical delhi ka launda in his fun accent with impeccable comic time he makes you laugh from the every begening if his entry till the end . Anupam kher has been normal and too loud with his role , annu kapoor was amazing coming to manoj bajpee his comic time was also commendable and the actress aditi sharma was also superb as well as sweet in her pefomance

Final verdict

I recommend this for the younger audience it will make you laugh out loud walkin with your group of friends and have a amazing time in the cinemas . For more visit http://yoreviews.blogspot.in

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