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Friday, 28 October 2016

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
Emotions captured beautifully by Kjo but the film is repetitive my take an average family movie 2.5 star ⭐⭐.5
First half is full of fun,energy,cheer and  celebrative but second half Its an infinite loop of drama which causes trauma.The movie starts off beautifully and goes steady and interesting till its mid half and then it goes repetitive making it difficult to resist the whole drama and you just hope it ends,This ones a typical kjo movie with drama,fun,exotic locales,emotions and lot of energy spanning across vibrant sets,soothing and rocking music and surprising cameo by Alia bhatt and SRK .

Story & Screenplay

The screenplay is brilliant till the mid half of the movie and even goes steady paced with lot of energy ,fun and moments that are cheerful and adorable but post the mod half the film goes into complete trauma becoming repetitive and goes on in this loop till its end which gets the audience bored and you just wish it ends as you know what the end is ought to be. The climax is emotional and sweet as well .the film at parts showcase a few iconic kjo movie music and dialogues popping up randomly like music from kal ho na ho , SRK Kajol act from kuch kuch hota hai , a few dialogues from kkhh and so on . The story is about this young and energetic man Ranbir Kapoor who is an aspiring singer he meets this happy go lucky girl anushka at an random club and they become best of the nest buddies ,anushka has a broken relationship and she is coming over it on the other hand ranbir kapoor falls in love with anushka but one fine day anushkas first love comes face to face and its played by fawad he apologises for breaking her heart and anushkas love for him makes her give him a second chance and ranbir is left heartbroken he decides to go ahead with his life but then he finds it v difficult to forget anushka amidst all this enters aishwarya rai who is a poet now ranbir gets in a causal relationship with her ! What happened next where does this relationship land him? Does anushka come back to his life? Or does he loose his first love and what about his singing career? What happens finally ? And does anushka and fawad khan lead a happy married life or it turns of another episode of betrayal ? For answers to all these questions walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Ranbir kapoor has given his best and his charm works out in this film and he convinces you to his best coming to Aishwarya Rai Bacchan she has a very short role which she has brought up with brilliance her eyes are so expressive that you dont need anything more to be impressed by .Fawad khan was cool though he didnt have much to do  except few dialouges to mouth and he has done it to his par and has been normal, And anushka sharma also has been amazing throughout the movie as the bubbly bold and sweet girl and coming to the guest appearances the audience gossip whoooo and whistling on SRK'S entry and his relationship gyaan is worth its watch  coming to alia bhatt as dj has also been cool . Over and all PERFOMANCES overpower the script which fall short .


If you can take up this infinite loop and drama then go for it in the cinemas, the only reason i suggest watching this movie are its amazing performances ,Brilliant music and a few fun moments and the guest appearaces if this isnt enough its a miss definetly as ul sure to be bored by the loop. #AeDilHaiMushkil #AeDilKiDiwali For more visit http:// yoreviews.blogspot.in

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