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Friday, 7 December 2018


Heart 💔 Touching end but overall an dull film 2 star ⭐️ ⭐️ Only last 15 Mins is worth the watch
The film narrates a love story in backdrop of the disastrous floods of Uttarakhand which is tad typical and predictable and boring but grips only towards the end 15 mins which leaves you teary eyed, the way the flood & cloud burst scenes are presented and picturesed adds to the viewing experience . Sara Ali Khan steals the show with her mindblowing performance .To give an overall picture the film fails to sarisfy in any of its departments . 


>Sara Ali khans debut is mindblowing she evolves out as a terrific performer and has got the acting genes right 
>The Picturization is amazing and adds to the beauty of frame with exotic locations and presentation
>Background score is soothing 
>The climax is plus for this movie as its heart touching and will leave you teary eyed

>Films tried to concentrate on every aspect and fails fo deliver well on any part be it emotion , action or story telling 
>Poor script its typical love story which dosent connect well until it reaches the end 
>Editing is poor the film could be easily stripped down to make it crisp 


Though the film will convince you visually it fails to connect wel and i do not recommend watching it in the nearest cinema halls . 


  1. Good that iIread your reviews first. I was thinking of watching it in cinemas as iIwas impressed by its songs. You saved my money and time. Thanks Yo!

    1. :) Glad that it helped you and thanks for following my reviews