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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Dil Junglee

Dil Junglee
Typical and total waste of time 1 Star
This film has nothing new to deliver its the same old story , a tad typical bollywood love story which has absolutely no context with reality , completely logic less, Superficial and far from reality . The movie is a big let down and i do not recommend watching it in the nearest cinema halls.


>Tapsee Pannus acting is the only saving grace of this film , perhaps the only reason i have given a star for this film


>Very poor script and completely typical love story which is disappointing in its complete run time
>Poor editing , firstly the film lacks script and over that streching it long made it even more worse
>Music is bad
>Climax is superficial and logicless


Not worth the watch at all and movie that you can skip to save your time and money .  

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