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Saturday, 10 November 2018


Not a worth watch in the cinemas  1.5 Star
The film which is  remake of telugu hit film PelliChupulu is a big time disappointment as there is nothing much on the comedy side of it nor the emotional side of it and the performances are bad making it even more worse for the audience to connect to the film, the film lacks a that spark and charm and looks very dull and lousy . The Funny sequences are the only one show in the trailers there is nothing much in the film . I do not recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls


>The debut of television sensation Kritika Kamra and her performance is cool and is something to watch out for
>The songs in the film are pretty peppy and catchy


>Bad screenplay and poor performance by Jacky Bhagnani is a big let down for the film
>The film lacks the connect and emotional core that a film like this needs
>Chemistry between the lead pair is not at all natural and fails big time
>The story dosent serve any point for the film nor humour nor emotion

This one is easily forgetballe film and can be missed out . Do not recommend watching this in the cinemas

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