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Monday, 19 November 2018

Love Yatri

Love Yatri
Typical to its core, do not expect much 1 star
The story of this movie is tad too typical kind making it not at all worth watching in the cinemas,the lead pairs in the debut cant be blamed as they didnt have much scope for acting as well, this is below mediocre script , Bollywood its high time to get over such typical predictable script as it no more seems interesting . This is a movie which is easily forgettable and can be missed out in the cinemas with no regrets

>Performances by supporting cast ie Ronit Roy & Ram Kapoor adds value to the screen presence
>Locations and production design is lavish as its being produced by salman Khan
>Songs and music are a boon for this film


>No scope for acting for the debutants , though thry were good with their performance they didnt have much to prove themselves
>Poor and typical story makes it a big let down
>Screenplay is just average could have been far better

Final Verdict

This movie wont excite you do so not expect much from this flick as this is a usual film . One of the disater films to add up in the list

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