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Wednesday, 28 November 2018


Most Technically advanced 3D film ever made in the history of Indian Cinema , a epic visual spectacle in the directors vision to bloom out with a beautiful message 4 Star 🌟🌟🌟🌟
3 Rajinikanth's in 1 film what more do u need? The story is almost predictable by the time you reach the interval point but the kind of screenplay, graphics , stunts and techniques used ,and BGV involved get you high on adrenaline and it makes your cinematic experience too amazing , THE LAST 20 MINS OF THE FILM I.E. THE CLIMAX IS SOO EPIC TAT YOU ARE TO GET GOOSEBUMPS AND ITL MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE WATCHING THE MOVIE YET AGAIN AND PUMP YOU UP WITH ALL HIGH ENERGY . This one combines style , action ,classy VFX, out of the box performance totally making it a paisa vasool movie . Go for it without a second thought only in the cinemas .


>The Direction & Screenplay makes it larger then life experience to watch this film in the cinemas , the directors vision getting into reality makes so beautifully is a visual treat to watch
>You have 3 Rajinikanths what more do you ask for Chitti 2.0,3.0 & Dr Vasikiran , the superstar has nailed it high time
>Akshay Kumar in the negative role alongside his side of the positive story has done a great great job
>Emy Jackson as the cute and smart Robot was another delight for the film
>Stunt Sequences, Tactics used and the climax scenes are all together a complete delight and make you end up clapping
>BGM in sync with the action and situations adds power to the film like the fuel to a vehcile
>Great Message delivered without being preachy all together


>Story Gets a bit predictable by the interval point and you know whats the story going to be anyway
>The MiniBots sequence required a little more of finishing , those were among the few scenes which looked unfinished on the graphics side
>Logic at few points dont justify but anyway can be an point that can be ignored


Chitti 2.0 Reloaded , Chitti Mini Bot 3.0 , Akshay Kumar as Panchi Raja and the humongous frames of excellent VFX fueled by an amazing BGM makes it a worth watch in the cinemas , Get going walkin to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend