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Thursday, 18 October 2018


Cinematic Brilliance,One of its kind movie which has rasied the bar for mystery thrillers in bollywood  3.5 Star
This one is easily one of the finest mystery thriller ever made in Bollywood ,beating behind the concept of typical Bollywood thrillers this one stands apart i should repeat class apart with its fine cinematography, screenplay and a amazing production design and value. Story Concept and its execution synced well with great sets, background score and characterization. Such kind of movies are rarely made and i recommend evreryone watching this in the nearest cinema halls .


>The storyline and concept is unique and one of its kind making it a worth watch at cinemas
>The Movie keeps you at the edge of your seat with thrill and the mystery unfolds with a breath taking experience
>Performances by the complete ensemble cast has been amazing
>Camera work and locations are just mind blowing
>Screenplay is well written smooth and to the point no typical stuff pulling down the essence of the film
>Background score is great


>Only for 1 Strech where the family life is focused on a lot looks a bit dragged but thats hardly 15 mins and is avoidable


Do not miss this gem of bollywood its worth the money you pay , go for it as this ones far apart from the typical flicks , this one has the real content , making and direction .

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