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Monday, 21 May 2018


A Normal Story Very well made 4 Star
This movie stands par for its making and the screenplay because this is  a normal story yet stands out because of the crisp direction and the way this movie has been narrated and stitched throughout its runtime, this film as everything on a whole scale starting from emotion,humor to action and a thrill in its climax . I highly recommend watching this film in the nearest cinema hall. Its a paisa vasool film


>Performance by the lead pair Samantha and Ram Charan are break through and they deliver the best of their performance in their career
>The Screenplay and narration keeps you connected and intrested in the film and thats what binds the movie goers in this movie
>Direction is crisp and the way things and situations are portrayed is level par and that contributes to the quality of the film this is
>Background music and songs are peppy and catchy and as per the situations and sequences it goes well
>Climax is not a typical one its something thrilling and twisted which makes it overall a movie to look out for in the cinemas


Its definetly a worth watch in the cinemas as its a combo of everything  a perfect entertaining movie is supposed to be made of . So no 2nd thought just go for it

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