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Next Review on Jan 18th for the Film Cheat India [Latest Review of the Week URI 4 Star]

Friday, 11 May 2018


Absolutely Stunning Spy Thriller 4 Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
A movie dedicated to the unsung hero’s who sacrifice their love,emotion family and everything for the nation . The film drives on strong content and is gripping from its very start to the end and stitched along with strong performances by Alia Bhatt and the ensemble cast. A movie worth watching in the cinemas and Bollywood Definetly needs more movies like this so Definetly watch this as you would return back with a happy feeling and patriotic chills . 


>Meghna Gulzar’s direction and narrative is engaging and will keep you gripped with its strong story line which is inspired by real events 
>Alia Bhatt delivers her best performance in the recent times with her par convincing role
>Content is the king and this film has pure content to drive it no exaggeration ,no Masala so if you love such movies you are gonna love this film
>Complete cast has done a great job 
>BGM is cool and syncs well as per sequences and situations


>At points the pace of the film can be a problem who few people but if you are connected with the film from its very begening you will hardly feel it


The film is about daughter who marries a pakistani to keep up her fathers mission of saving the nation So she goes ahead with a motive to spy on them and get their intentions and plans clear , in this verge a lot of events,secrets unfold and a lot of dangers come her way , now what is that all about and what is the final outcome does she succeed in finding the plan and save INDIA that is what the movie is all about .


Its definetly a worth watch in the cinemas and a complete paisa vasool film for its content and every other aspet

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