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Monday, 7 May 2018

Nannu Ki Jaanu

Nannu Ki Jaanu
Strictly Average movie 2.5 Star
This is a movie with a take away for life it focuses on road safety,a story which is built up with humor and deliveres a message by its end ,the climax is super typical as every bollywood movie , this movie can be watched for timepass and has a few illogical sequences so its fair to tag it strictly average.

>The Movie is portrayed with humour which works as a positive point for the film
>The lead actors have done justice to their roles alltogether .
>The message this movie delivers is most needed for the current generation .


>Typical climax and build up of the story and its screenplay
>Illogical at points where you find few sequences with absolutely no logic and this may disappoint you at parts bits and bytes


Its a timepass watch movie and a film that you will easily forget .

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