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Next Review on August 15th for the film GOLD and Satyamev Jayathe [Latest Review of the Week Karwaan 4.5 Star]

Thursday, 10 May 2018


Not So Effective 2 Star ⭐️ ⭐️
The film is based on the concept of undying hope that we need to possess to achieve our dreams,the plot narration and screenplay takes us on journey of various people and teaches us how hope plays a important role in our lives . The thought and idea of the film is great but could have been executed in much brighter picture . I do not recommend this in the cinemas . 

>Veteran Actor Naseerudin Shah is the sould of the film with his core justifying role and performance 
>The thought and idea behind the film is quite inspiring 
>Complete Ensemble cast has done a great job alltogether

>Slow paced and the story is purely predictable and plain making it not so effective as from the very first moment you know what is going to be the end 


Not a worth watch at cinemas as it is complete predictable story and wont keep you engaged till its end 

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