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Friday, 13 April 2018


Slow Paced but emotionally engaging and heart touching film 4 star 🌟🌟🌟 🌟
This one is not a typical Bollywood love story , this film is a beautifully written and narrated tale about the feeling of love , the director has blissfully captured the emotions right in place and you are sure to come back with a heartfelt moist eyed feeing . But if you are one who looks for a lot of masala and entertainment this one may disappoint you . If you can watch a neat and clean slow paced movie for its storyline then this ones not gonna disappoint you


>Shoojit Sricars direction and screenplay is woow and the way emotions are captured and portrayed is something to look out for 
>Varun dhawan plays a completely different avatar in this film and he wont disappoint you.
>Banitha Sandhu has also justifed her role to its best in her debut
>The emotion captured and presented is worth watching and makes you feel heart felt
>The ending is also realistic and dosent go about as a typical Bollywood film


>The pace of the movie is quite slow which may make a few of you bored but if you get into the film and its narration its worth watching in every byte and bit 


If you can compormise with the pace of the film , this film will emotionally touch you to the roots and make you feel heart felt . I recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls . This one is not a usual film its something new , something unique. Go for it

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