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Friday, 6 April 2018


Wacky and hilarious fun film 3.5 Star
A dark as well as funny film which takes on a simple story of infidelity by wife which takes on husband to blackmail her and her lover,the event of blackmail turns out in series of funny and hilarious moments which mes sup everything and a lot of blackmailers come to birth which creates chaos and humorous moments to laugh out loud in the cinemas .I recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls.


>Irffan Khan's impeccable comic time and hilarious acting will blow u up with lot of laughs .
>The plot and screenplay is unique of it own kind for this film  and way its written and directed is really amazing to watch out for.
>The ensemble cast has done a great job all together in entertaining us .
>Well directed film and you are sure to be tangled along with the film till its end .
>The way a dark film is narrated with humour is kudos the director for the wonderful work


> A Few flaws when it comes to logic in few sequences as they may seem a bit unrealistic though its a avoidable fact.


A Worth watch @ cinemas definetly as it offers you emotion , drama and a lot of humour and a thrill as well all this is backed by amazing performance by the lead actors. So i would walk in to the nearest cinemas and watch this movie this weekend .

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