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Monday, 12 March 2018


Good attempt but lacks thrills and chills 2.5 Star
The movie is more on an emotional side of the plot then the horror side like it was advertised,the story is well written and has a emotional connect to it but fails to keep you at the edge of the seat or scare the hell out of you . Except for 1 or 2 scenes there is nothing that would attribute to the fact that this movie belongs to a horror genre . One time watch in the cinemas


>Great emotional love story which may fulfill the emotional side of the story to its best
>VFX has been great in the movie and even the background score is a win for the movie
>Strong performances by the lead pair Anushka Sharma & Parambrata Chatterjee as well as rajat kapoor who rocks it well in a negative role


> Scored poor in the genre of horror as none of the scenes justify the film as a horror film may be thats the very reason this film wont work well as it was advertised as a horror film but dosent justify it in any manner


If you go with a expectation you are sure to be badly disaapointed but if you watch it as a normal emotional film its definetly a one time watch in the cinemas but if you are looking for horror its utter dissappointment

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