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Friday, 9 March 2018

Hate Story IV

Hate Story IV
Same old revenge saga 2 Star
Its high time this franchise is stopped being made into infinite parts with the same plot with just changing characters, a movie which is a revenge drama revolves round and round to deliver something dead predictive and leave you with no thrills or chills. By the time we reach interval slot you know what the movie is all about and the second half just falls flat because of this very reason. Overall not a worth watch at cinemas.


> Exotic shooting locales are one treat to your eyes .
> Background score is a win for the movie


> Poor editing and not so impressive screenplay makes this movie a incomplete film with plot being let out before interval slot.
>Lack of thrill or chills for a genre like this .
>Weak Story line or can be called a typical repetitive representation.
> Poor performances by lead actors


Its not worth your time and money as it has nothing new , nothing different to deliver its a typical stereotype revenge drama. 

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