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Sunday, 11 March 2018

3 Storeys

3 Storeys
A Delightful Niche Cinema 3.5 Star
This ones not those typical masala flicks it's a niche cinema and drives on pure content, a parallel story of 3 families and how their lives take them on a ride and land them in messed up situations but thats not all this story is about how these people redeem themselves from these difficult situations in their life which teaches us no matter what the show should go on . Its a clean and neat family film to watch out for and has a strong content filled up in its screenplay . Go for it


>A Strong plot and connection of 3 stories running parallelly through the runtime and ends at a redeeming point and teaches us something that is the take away from the film
>Great performances by the complete ensemble cast keeping you gripped till the end
>Screenplay keeps you curious and tangled with the narration and you keep looking upto what next


>May feel a little low on entertainment but this film is a niche film and is a strong content based film so if you are looking for entertainment you will be let down
>AT points may seem half baked but by the end when you see in broader sense this film wins your heart


Its a worth watch at cinemas and eveyone should support content driven movies like this to excel at the cash registers . 

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