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Wednesday, 24 January 2018


Ranveer Singh Owns this Visual treat with his performance rest is complete boredom 2.5 Star
Technically a sound film with great cinematography, Huge and magnificent sets & Outfit but fails to keep the audience on track as the plot loses its charm to boredom and you are sure to be super bored by the complete runtime but the wake up call comes at the climax which is the best part of the film when we see Queen Padmavati glorified of her greatness along with the whole Rajput community . Over all you will be disappointed for the hype that it won't leave upto


> Ranveer Singh as Sultan Allahudin is into the heart of the character and blows u with his performance
> Spectacular and magnificent sets and outfits create a visual treat to your eyes
> The amazing climax which glorifies the queen
>Cinematography is great and well picturized


> Boring plot to loose to and bear for 2hrs 45 Mins'
> Baseless to call this movie a 3D movie as it doesn't justify it in of the sequences
>More of philosophy then execution

Story Overview:

This is a movie based on Queen Padmavati and her complete story and all about the Rajputs who stand by their traditions rules no matter even if they have to give their life for living upto it , and about how a cruel prince tries hard to forcefully meet this queen to fulfill his deteriorated mindset and ideology , its a ultimate face off and how Rani Padmavati gracefully protects all the women and their dignity is somthing to look out for in the movie.


Dissappointed with the movie still if you wanna have a visual treat and unfolf the proud story of Rani Padmavati .. walkin to the cinemas and watch the movie this weekend

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