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Monday, 22 January 2018


Average Thriller 2.5 Star
A film that could be a perfect edge to edge thriller fails in points like poor performances , missing story detailing and not so interesting screenplay to get the users totally engaged , this movies dosent bore you nor amaze you at its par but keeps you curious till the end but fails to leave a impact that a thriller is expected to.


> The suspense which keeps being a mystery till the climax
> Performance by the actress
>The plot of the film


> Poor Performance by the investigating officer played by Arbaaz Khan
> Poor screenplay at points
> Not so engaging sequence of events


A Person is found murdered and a women is held as prime suspect for this murder,the court on plea gives 3 days of time to dig in and investigate into the roots , officer Lokhande is on the case and he unfolds series of events and tries finding the clue which can lead him in identifying the real culprit. Now who is the real culprit? What is the mystery behind the murder etc is what the film is all about


Can be watched once as an average thriller movie as this ones not gonna bore you anyway and keep you curious and puzzled till the end of it.

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