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Sunday, 14 January 2018


Not Just Sports Drama its realistic cinema 4 Star
This film is based on a real story and Just when you feel its all like a biopic or sports drama that goes on a flow in narrating story of a boxer it comes out in surprise to be one of those films which shows you the face off with reality , real life problems , challenges and a unique plot which drives ahead to its end with its only fuel being love, This is a intense and punching film and a perfect start for Bollywood in 2018.


> Strong plot and a unique narrative which isn't just confined to a regular story flow but is lot beyond
> Super Punching and justifying performance by the lead pairs Vineet Singh & Zoya , Supporting cast,as well as Jimmy Shergil as the cruel villan
>Crisp Direction
>Punching and powerful dialouges to sometimes keep you giggling and sometimes feel the punch


> Editing could make the film a bit shorter which is the only drawback of the film


An aspiring Boxer wanting to take boxing to the next level feels the heat from the local politicial who is damn powerful and after a heated argument with each other the politician decides to mark an end to his dream and in the verge of doing this , he does everything to make sure he dosent get qualified even at the district level , on the personal front the boxer falls in love with the politicians niece which makes his life even more harder , now what are challanges he faces? How does he tackle it? What is the final outcome , what about his dream? all these questions will be answered when you watch the movie in nearest cinema halls


Highly recommended to be watched in the nearest cinema halls this weekend as this film has something new to offer you and has a plot worth spending your money watching. Walk in to the cinemas and watch this sports flick.

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