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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Heights of a disaster film 1 Star
This situational dark  comedy is at parts a bit funny but more of  a irelevant cinema which makes absolute no sense , there are  a few stories running in parlell and by the end you realise though the director tries to converge these stories it fails badly , the climax is typical bollywood where in  bullet shot in air travels in slow motion to hit a person sitting at a different area when it returns to ground . A total waste of time and money


> The situational dark comedy at points seems impeccable and hilarious


>Horrible Background score
>Very bad editing
>No story Screenplay and plot
>The parlell stories running dont converge at a point or dont seem to be related anyway
>Worst performance by Saif in the recent times


Not at all recomended to be watched in the nearest cinema halls , a complete waste of screenspace and talent . Give it a skip

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