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Friday, 22 December 2017

Tiger Zinda Hai

Tiger Zinda Hai
Action Packed one time watch 3 Star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️
Treat for Bhaijaan fans to see their superstar do what he does the best ie action , but as an whole the movie could have been as the plot wasnt that great and screenplay falls dull with lot of time wasted in mellow drama  and logic defying action sequences, Background score was amazing and the climax is sure to get you high on patriotic sentiment . Rest i would say if you are a bhai fan you would love this . For others its just a one time watch.


>Salman Khan in his action avatar backing punch and his stunts to the next level
> Amazing background Score
>Chemistry Between the lead pairs
> Patriotic sentiment at its peaks specially in the climax will get you goosebumps


>Boring And mellow dramatic screenplay 
>poor editing which has made the movie seem long
> Logic Defying and childish action sequences at few points 


The story continues from where it ended ie Zoya and Tiger living their life aloof and away and they are tracked by ISIS for the mission of saving 25 Indian nurses who are taken hostage by a cruel terrorist Abu Usman , now how does Tiger take up this mission and what happens next is what the movie is all about


Do not expect much this ones a one time masala and action packed movie . Definetly wont dissappoint you nor will it amaze you to your best ... watch it in the cinemas 

Saturday, 16 December 2017


Average going medicore comedy 2.5 Star
A movie basically made on a quirly plot but delivers enough laughs to be called a average entertainer , the character Chucha is the driving energy for this film , the plot is kind of different but overall there is not much to look out for in this film , its just a average going simple comedy enteratiner can be watched in the cinemas for timepass


> The actors have delivered amazing comic times throughout the run time to laugh out loud in the cinemas
> Chucha is a character which is the central force for the film
> Plot is unexpected which makes it a bit interesting to guess on what will happen next


> Mediocre comedy its not too good not too bad stands in between and will appeal to only a specific audience
> Screenplay and editing could have been better thats where the film scores low


Watch it for some fun sequences and for timepass overall

Tumhari Sullu

Tumhari Sullu
One time watch 3 Star
Few gags and a unique plot is what drives this movie all together , but gets too much dramatic at a point making it a one time watch, the film had a drive to be better but somewhere weak screenplay didn't work out for the film . But definitely a movie that's inspiring for a layman .


> Vidya Balans crazy yet convincing screen presence with all charm will blow your mind
> Unique plot unlike the usual masala movies is what stands out
> Peppy numbers in the film keep you grooving
> Amazing cast with amazing performances


> Too much dramatic at few points specially towards the second hallf which somewhere feels over streched
>Climax could have been better and different


Can be watched once in the cinemas 

Saturday, 2 December 2017


Few Rib tickling moments rest is all boring 2 Star 🌟 🌟
In the runtime of 2 Hr 45 mins the last 45 mins entertains you the most and the rest 2 hours is mere waste of time and gets you bored and off track. Proper Editing could have saved a lot of unnecessary scenes making it to the final bit . Overall not recommended for watch in the cinemas, if you are a Kapil Sharma Fan could be a timepass watch for you


> Kapil Sharmas impeccable comic time at points specially the last 45 mins of the film
> performance by the entire cast of the film 
>The post climax sequences which are rib tickling 


> Poor editing making the movie drag out of bounds creating boredom
> Extra Drama the first 2 hours making you loose intrest in the film 
> Lack of good music 


The story is about this happy go lucky man Manga who helps everyone out in the village but is not respected for the fact that he is unemployed but one fine day for his good deeds he makes it and works for the british everything seems perfect until the time there is a twist where he is held responsible for a mishap or ruckus in the village now how does this affect his personal or love life and how does he tackle it and what is it all about is what the movie is all about


Can be watched for timepass provided you are a Kapil sharma fan else i do not recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls