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Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Absolutely a meaningless movie 1.5 Star
The film personifies no Logic & no sense a movie that could have been made better with a better plot but fails badly to convince you in any way , Bank Roberry is shown as a right hand job with such ease,the climax is disgusting , dialouges are pathetic overall a film that has np scope to be watched in the cinemas . Totally a miss for bollywood


The story revolves around this divorced girl who is battling between her dreams with a mediocre job she saves some money enough to buy a house for herself and when she is almost about to buy she visits Vegas and gets addicted to gambling and loses all of her money and above this runs on debt to local money lenders who chase her further for the money which makes her life disastrous that gives place for negative in her life she starts looting the banks with a new name SIMRAN with some techniques and then what happens next? does she pay back the amount to money lender? does her crime land her to jail? or is she smart enough to tackle this? whats the final outcome ? is all the movie is about


Nothing actually but still if you want a reason , a few laughs here and there is something that can keep you alive in the movie .


Comes out as a surprise Kangana Ranaut in her Over acting avatar which is at few point irresistible
No Story no plot no sense completely drives in way you feel it completely random
Pathetic Dialogues
Dosent keep you tangled with its screenplay , you loose the track soon


Not at all a worth watch at cinemas  a skip for bollywood as it wont keep up your hopes and expectation for a kangana movie after long .

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