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Friday, 1 September 2017

Shubha Mangala Savdhaan

Shubha Mangala Savdhaan
Laughs n laughs all throughout Super Entertaining 4 Star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️
What more do u want then a film with impeccable comedy and a topic thats out of the box with hilarious punches to keep you laughing out loud in its complete runtime. Climax is bit rushed off but except that There is not a single dull moment in this movie . Its out and out a movie with something fresh delivering you smiles and laughs supported by a amazing cast . Its definetly a worth watch this weekend in the cinemas. WATCH IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND DOUBLE THE FUN
The screenplay is very well written and the film is crisply edited it keeps the audience lite hearted with fun as its driving factor , the screenplay goes smooth and crisp all throughout there is nothing too much there is nothing too less its just perfect recipe of fun and humour keeping you engaged . The climax was a bit hodge podged but else everything else is just amazing about this movie. The story is about this young guy played by Ayushman who falls for this average looking girl played by Bhoomi , their love story begins with a lot of drama and fun but one fine day a problem takes on their love life when the guy discovers he has erectile Dysfunction, he tried everything to set it right slowly this problem comes in the radar of complete family who panics and there is a lot of speculation surrounding their wedding now what happens next? Does he over come his problem? Does the girl dump him after she gets to know this? Does love unite them? Whats the final outcome and all the answeres for these questions will be answered in the nearest cinema halls
Ayushman Khuraanna has delivered a the best with his impecabble comic time and his charm , coming to Bhumi even she has been great with his role , Brijendar sir the veteran actor is another person who has been hilarious throughout the movie and rest follows the amazing ensemble cast
If you are looking for some amazing entertainment and lot of Lol moments walk in with your friends to have double maza in the cinemas i call it a paisaa vasool entertainer
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