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Friday, 22 September 2017


Movie with reality face off 4 Star 
This movie has a wonderful plot regarding elections at remote places where fear is generated and kept live by our force result of which no one turns out, the movie is backed with amazing Performances,humour and an ultimate face off with reality. It recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls


The story revolves around elections to happen at a naxal prone area where elections are bycotted and the army survives here with bare minimum facilities and arms,Nutan who has renamed himsef newton is a honest officer who is the precedding officer for this area for elections , he tries to kill the typical way how elections were just conducted name sake in this area he steps an extra mile to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to vote, does he suceed? What are the challanges? Do the naxals attack them during elections? Or is it the fear created by the own force? Is what the movie is all about.


Screenplay is full of life and humour sure to keep you smiling and alive throughout the movie
Performances are hilarious starting from Rajkumar Roa to Pankaj Tripati with this perfect comic time
The movie is short and to the point and serves the theme well 


If you are looking for a typical masala movie this one will disappoint you


ITS A WORTH WATCH AT CINEMAS , rare gem of bollywood so support movies like this to earn high at the box office 

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