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Saturday, 2 September 2017


A film with no Head.. No Tail... 2 star ⭐️⭐️
Except dialougebaazi and Ajays performance there is nothing justifying in the film to look out for in the cinemas, its a cliched cinema with no proper plot, dull and slow screenplay and a disastrous climax which will leave you more furious then the actors are in their character . Its not at all a worth watch at cinemas . Thumps down totally


The film is an antique backdrop but with clueless storyline and plot , its complete waste of such talented actors doing absolutely nothing more then dialougebaazi and a few ilogical sequences , the screenplay does not create any buzz of connect between the audience and the film its just dull and dark . Totally a dud film made out with complete wastage of screen space. The story is based on this young princess who during emergency in the nation tries to hide all here treasure and on the other hand a furious government official trying to grab it for his personal need and amidst all of these the badasses with a good heart who take on all risks for say friendship or love and plan to save all the Gold now do they suceed? Is the princess really worried of the Gold going to personal pockets or she has her own selfish motives? What happiness by the end? Do the poor and needy get all of this ? Is what the movie is all about


Ajay Devgn is in his prime and has done total justice to his role followed by Ileana who has portrayed a serious role after quite long time , Emraan hasmi makes us smiled with his wicked humour and esha gupta has very less to do . Sanjay Mishra has done his role well
And rest follows the ensemble cast


A movie to miss out .. completely dud and has not complete by is end .. 

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