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Friday, 28 July 2017


Onetime typical family entertainer 3 Star 
Anil Kapoor is the whole and sole of this film ,Like every other Anees Bazmee film this one has that flavour of mistaken identity, High decibel background score,Confused family angle,moments to laugh out loud on and a happy go lucky climax to come out with a warm happy wala feeling with a lesson out of the lite hearted comedy. This movie is definetly watchable once for a few laughs . 


The screenplay is a bit draggy at specially the first half  but there are moments in first half as well as the second half to laugh out on,the lite hearted comedy with confusion angle are the best ones in the movie. The climax is warm happy and you are sure to come back with smiles from the cinemas. The story is about these twins Charan and Karan who are in the verge to get married,their family is looking for a bride and amidst all this both are caught up in situations where there is a lot of confusion, Karans girlfriend sweety is choosen as bride for Charan and Charan who has a girlfriend is now in confusion between his girlfriend Nafiza and another girl binkle, in between all this Anil Kapoor who plays Kartar is the peacemaker or say solution to al the problems , but whatever kartar does goes the other way round and creates even more chaos , now how do they tackle this, what happenes to sweety and Karan , whom does Charan marry his girfriend Nafiza or the girl he once rejected ie binkle . How is their family convinced and how does the whole drama go around is what the movie is all about.


ANIL KAPOOR completly carries this film on his shoulders , he is the whole and soul for this film . Arjun kapoor is double role has been good enough to convince you,Ileana Dcruz has been lovely,sweet and delivered an amazing perfomance. Athiya Shetty didnt have much do and she still seems a fresher when it comed to acting but good going , Neha Sharma in her special appearence as nafiza has done justice to her role.


Its not too good its not too bad its average going one time family entertainer which can be watched in the cinemas for lite hearted fun and humour . For more visit http://yoviews.com

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