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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Lipstick under my burkha

Lipstick under my burkha
Movie which is Mirror image of our society in recent times 3.5 Star
This movie shows us the bold truth of our society and their thinking when it comes to women,where she is judged on anything and everything she does and put in bounds,barriers in the name of honour or what not , loved the way different incidents are portrayed each of which has a story and a message by the end a deep down ground reality. It highly recommend watching this if you like niche cinema .It has a strong message for all of us .


The screenplay is well written into parts as life of 3 women who are going through a lot in their life and how they face all of these but still ultimately fail and realize that the world they are expecting to be good is just like a story which never gets real ,only remains to be part of these fictional books which portray a positive side of the society , but ultimately what happens , and what are the challanges of each of these women and how do they tackle it ? what is the final outcome and what is that we get as a take away message from all these is what the movie is all about


Konkana Sen Sharma , AAhana Kumra & Ratna Patak have delivered a amazing perfomance all throughout the film , their perfromances add to the beauty of the movie and overall viewing experience and rest follows the ensemble cast who has equally done a great job

Final Verdict

Its a bit slow paced but its a different category of movie all together which is a must watch at Cinemas , I recommend watching this for its strong plot and a theme that has close conenction with reality .

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