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Friday, 14 July 2017

Jagga Jasoos

Jagga Jasoos
Pure class ..definitely not for the mass 3.5star ⭐⭐⭐.5
Beautifully crafted musical adventure backed by a quintessential performance by Ranbir Kapoor creating pure magic on screen and adding to it is the unique narration which is one of its kind the first time in Indian cinema expressed by music and less of straight dialogues.A perfect emotional fun sweet and jolly ride, other wisea movie to look for if you are expecting something new and unique but make sure you have patience as well to accept all of this as a musicaotherwiseits gonna be a boredom if you are expecting a usual movie going experience. Only let down is a bit slow paced 2nd half at some points and a few illogical sequences towards the end but overall it's a fresh experience to watch out for in Bollywood

The screenplay here is unique with feelings expressed in the form of music or songs a complete musical journey except for a few parts where there are straight dialogues to mouth . Till the interval you have a class magical experience to its best post the interval there are a few hiccups but hold on its just ay few points where the story gets over stretched at few scenes , towards the climax it gets a bit illogical specially the reverse firing scene and the ostrich ride and a few to quote but by far till the end you come with a fresh and surprising more things. The story is about this young boy who is shy boy he prefers silence for the fact that he stammers he grows up in a hospital and is a orphan,his creative ideas and his charm gets him a place in everyones heart and one fine day he saves one man who jumps from a running train he rushes him to the hospital and there the man recovers ,after recovery this kind hearted man takes responsibility of this orphan kid he takes him home and treats him as his own child he teaches him to not be let down by the problem of stammering he shows him that singing and expressing is the way to over come this , when everything seems perfect a problem knocks their door this man whom he calls tuti fruti gets an notice from an officer which makes him go on a mission letting this small kid in a boarding school where he grows up all alone but he never understands why his father left him and this longing question of his life makes him a smart creative boy for anything that comes across his life he never lets it go unless he cracks it and thats how he becomes jagga jasoos he cracks 2 fine murder cases with his smart man strategies amidst his second case he meets katrina who is a journalist who has
Come a long way to find few secrets behind illegal arms possession and the complete scam but somehow she gets trapped in a murder case and jagga helps her come out of this and the real culprits are caught, Now after all this jagga who keeps receiving video tapes by courier from his tuti fruti suddenly stops getting the tapes which scares him and then he gets the news that his tuti fruti is no more and now his next mission is finding his father ie tuti fruti and when he realises that his father was also on a mission of exposing the illegal arms scam he sensed something to be wrong he meets the man an officer for whom tuti fruti used to work for and he is confirmed that there is something wrong now for the longing love for his father he goes all the way long and takes Katrina along in this hunt for his only treasure of life his tuti fruti . Now does he succeed? Or is tuti fruti already dead? What about the arms posession is it exposed? What is final outcome and what are the 2 other murder cases that jagga solves? For all these answers walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend

RANBIR KAPOOR steals the show with his brilliance on screen,he has got the best of him in a fresh avatar and is totally convincing,the next best character of the film is Saswata Chaterjee who has portrayed the role of father ie tuti fruti the duo of reel father son is amazing on screen, Sayani Gupta as a small kiddo wins your heart and comes as a surprise coming to katrina she was good with her role and finally
Saurabh Shukla as a negative role also does justice to his role .Rest follows the ensemble cast

If you love to see something fresh,something out of the box then this ones sure to amaze you throughout , accept that everything comes with a bit of flaws as this film also has a few but over all it outstands as a good movie experience .You will love this 

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