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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Guest In London

Guest In London
Timepass entertainer 2.5 Star
This movie is the official remake of Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge and inherits the same plot as its prior,this film has a lot of fun going moments and the lead pairs entertain with their impeccable comic time which is the saving grace of the film ,  you can call it a timepass entertainer could have been better if the fart jokes which take a prime focus in the film were cut short. The climax is lovely and has a message for everyone . Over all can be watched once in the cinemas

Story & Screenplay

The screenplay is filled with humour though it fails to outstand heavily with funny punches it manages to make you smile and laugh at parts . The story holds the same skeleton of guest visiting without any notice and staying back for very long time here Chacha Ji played by Paresh Raval is the guest and kartik aryan and Kriti are at the receiving end , Kriti and Karthik are stay at a same place and pretend to be lovers just to obtain a green card in the country meanwhile enters the guests they teach them the value of relationship somehow and their pretentious marriage comes out to be a a real one by the end slowly steadily things go along but the guest do not move out this somewhere irritates the couple who miss their privacy,one fine day they decide to close this chapter once and for all karthik goes out and drops the guests at a motel and escapes out from the place , after this a series of hidden truth unveils which makes the couple realize that what they did was completely wrong  now how do they rectify their mistake , what is the hidden truth behind the guests visit , do they find then after having dropped them way to far from their place? For all this with a dose of enertainment walk in to the nearest cinema halls


Paresh Raval has been amazing with his natural and perfect comic time he is hilarious as always , Karthik Aaryan and Kriti Have equally done a great job Karthik Aaryan has a charm within and Kriti was sweet all throughout


Can be definetly watched once in the cinemas , though the prequel was way to beter then the sequel this ones sure to keep you laughing at parts which ends to a verdict of one time entertainer

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