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Friday, 26 May 2017

Sachin A Billion Dreams

This Time lined documentary is sure to give u Goosebumps  4 Star
I don't watch cricket but this movie got me clap by the end.. out of respect for our cricket legend the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, the movie takes on cricket legend Sachin, his hardships hurdles and his complete life timeline in a nut shell and takes on a complete journey of this man who never gave up and always drived with humanity factor and simplicity . This ones is not like a usual movie its a documentary . It gets you high on sentiments for your country . 


The story is presented as  per the happenings and timeline of master blaster his complete life , ups and downs , low and high moments his cricketing career in sync with his family life his social life all and all about sachin that you perhaps never knew and a few facts that you already knew , you get to see his peers Ganguly , Ms Dhoni ,Virat ,Sunil Gavaskar , Rahul Dravid , Harbhajan speak their heart out life never before . The climax gets you high on emotion a complete raw emption trust me eveb of you are not a cricket Fan or a sachin fan you will Defintely come out with complete applaud and respect for this one man who put his life dedicated to the sport.  Though the movie is not a fully fledged film but its a documentary its worth watching this man who played for out country with all honour. The documentary is edited well and presented in detail with proper annotations and credits. 


The complete cast has done a good job it was great to see soo many cricketers in one movie speaking their heart out


ITS A WORTH WATCH AT CINEMAS , Definetly a must watch . Dont expect masala at all its plain neat and presented with actual facts 

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