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Friday, 19 May 2017

Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend
Little overstretched but definetly a one time watch  3 Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Raw emotions flowing in the narrative with a musical sync along and emotions holding it coupled till the end to deliver a heart touching movie all together .Love,HeartBreak,humour musical treat and twists everything onboard the Mohit Suri way.Only thing that makes it a bit boring is a dragged and overstretched narration the length of the movie could easily be trimmed which could work in favour. Overall if u are expecting a decent love story with raw emotions flowing this one wont disappoint you .


The screenplay is written by the author of this book Chetan Bhagat himself and its written in a decent neat and crisp manner  and unfolds beautifully with lot of emotions and love surrounding. The length could have been trimmed , the climax is touching and stitched with a beautiful message for take away . The story is about a young boy who hails from a lower middle class family from a small village and english being barrier for him but he manages to get in with his attitude and the connect he makes with his heartfelt words with anyone he meets and then there is this rich young girl who basically lives a lavish and luxurious life but lacks that love, care and attention as she hails from a dysfunctional family both meet each other with sport being a common factor to unite them and that sport is basketball , friendship takes the first place then day on day they become hangout buddies,the girl starts feeling secure with him , days pass on and one fine day she gives the name of their relationship as she being his half girlfriend things still on wel until the day this young boy does something in a impatient desire of commitment which makes her feel no more safe and they part ways , she gets married to some1 else and after 3 years they face each other the boy still has hopes , he is broken from within , he knows he cant be complete without her , he decides to give it a try,they hangout yet again and we see this sad suppressed guy smile after years . Whats next? Does their equation seem to work ? Do they patch up? Or something goes wrong yet again? And sorrounding all these questions are a lot of twists . NOW FOR ALL THAT WALK IN TO THE NEAREST CINEMA HALLS AND WATCH THIS MOVIE THIS WEEKEND


Well i didn't expect this  when i saw the trailer but should say Shraddha and Arjun make a good pair the chemistry is natural and they both have done a good job in their distinct roles . Rhea Chakrabortys cameo came as a surprise it was sweet . Rest follows the ensemble cast who has done well 


There are flaws it does make you a bit bored at parts due to over streched narrative but over all you can watch this once in the cinemas . Get your dose of love with loads of emotion driving it

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