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Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Out of the box presentation something to look for 3.5 Star
This movie is way too different from those regular flicks as this stands out with its amazing plot of a person being trapped with no options left and that's when he discovers he is the only one who can set himself free. The way story unfolds keeps u at the edge of your seat and the performance takes it to the next level . Support movies like this to rake in high profit as these are kind if rare genre you could get to see


The screenplay feels a bit lousy and slow but given the genre it belongs its fine to avoid the fact that it has less masala or commercial pinch  but over all the film provides u edge of the seat curiosity and at the end you go back with smiles and a healthy feeling . The story is about  a young man who works at a corporate he falls in love with this beautiful girl who works at his office but he is shy to approach her finally when he takes courage to do so he discovers that the girl also likes him but she puts up a condition forward that he has to own is better house for her and that too within a short period this forces him to go on hunt for rented flats but going by his low budget he fails to get any decent room thats when he meets this guy who takes him to a flat which is in dispute state and no one stays there and this guys moves in because he gets it under his budget everything seems fine until the say when he accidentally gets locked inside his own room and as nobody stays out there his screams are not heard ,no one comes to his rescue , his phone goes dead , there is no water in his flat all he is left with is hope , he tries every possible method from screaming out loud to setting a few things on fire inside his hime but no one ever notices and thats when he makes up his mind that he will not die inside he will try his best to get put of this place . He is left with no food and comes a  stage when ants and cockroaches are his only source of food and further on comed ever more horrific days . Now how does he manage to get out? Does he succeed? How does he get actually trapped inside his own flat ?  What are those horrific happenings inside when he is trapped ? Are all the questions that will unfold when u walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Only this one man holds this whole film with his totally convincing and justifying act and he is RajKumar Rao he adds beauty to the script with his ease in acting . He is the whole and soul for this movie


Its a worth watch at cinemas though u need a bit of patience as its slow at parts but its worth for the plot it has and the unique narrative , you would rarely get to see such a movie in bollywood its a brave attempt by the director

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