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Friday, 3 March 2017


Commando 2
Great theme but poor execution and plot 2.5 Star
A movie with engrossing and jaw dropping action sequences lost somewhere between its weak narration and plot failing to provide the level of thrill and amusement you expect from a action thriller , the movie ends with a touching social message focusing on farmers life could have been better if it was little more interesting with its plot and narration .


The screenplay is written in a hogde-podge manner and humor is been forcefully  deployed in its narration to keep the audience entertained but the attempt fails high time as few sequences seem fake and intentional more than being real , the story unveils part by part with happenings around and twists but a few twists lack that thrill and just fall flat without being noticed ,The climax could have been far better than being the usual one on one and then a il logical sudden end . The story is about this young and powerful commando played by Vidyuth who is on a special mission of eradicating black money and getting back all the wealth that belongs to the citizens of the country , And this mission at point diverts from its usual motive as we see the team itself breaking into groups for their selfish needs but then the final of all the twist comes out as real surprise to everyone , So do they suceed in getting back the wealth to the poor citizens and are these goons exposed? and what is that final surprise all about and all these questions will be answered when you walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Vidyuth as commando has given a thrilling and power packed perfomance , he looks tougher then ever and has done his role to the par excellence , he just grabs all your attention , coming to Adah Sharma she has been humorous with her role as hyderabadi girl with her konchem Konchem Telugu and hyderabadi hindi and Esha Gupta as the villan has also done her job to the best


Though it has a few thrilling sequences and a beautiful message at the end it fails high time on its execution and you wont return with a satisfactory feeling . i do not recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls , if you are die hard action lover this would make sense to you .

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