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Friday, 10 March 2017


Its a Paisa Vasool Entertainer 3.5 Star
Movie with impecable chemristry between the lead pairs which strikes the right cords of love meanwhile focusing on the issues that a Girl faces in society before the so called dream wedding and post ,Film mantains a steady pace with lot of humorous moments ,heart touching moments and backed by a story which is not a typical love story but is a story with a beautiful moral ie a story with a heart , So in short it can be called a unique love story something hatke , something out of the box .The locations are enthralling and completely exotic, I recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls get your dose of emotion humour and get entertained this weekend


 The screenplay is well written it connects the audience and makes sure they are entertained as well as at the same time making then walk out at the end with a moral for life , there are no dull moments in the film it has every ingridient of a fresh love story unlike the masala or typical flicks . The climax is somewhat similar to its prequel Humpty Sharma ki dulhania where the actor gets one on one with the rock heart . Locations are exotic and enthralling giving a amazing feel while watching this movie . The story is about this young boy Badri who is funny , cute and loving he manages his Dads business , his Dad who is known to be very strict and takes every decision of his life agrees to get him married to the love of his life vaideyi after a perfect plan that Badri makes to convince his father that its arranged marriage and he puts up a lot of conditions on part of dowry and other stuff and Badri himself tackles all these issues in the background because he loves vaideyi a lot and finally he is heart broken when he dicsovers that Vaideyi escapes away on the wedding day to live her dear to be an air hostess but deep inside she has a differnt to step away from that place to singapore , Meanwhile on the other end Badri who loves her more than anyone else is completely broken he strats being restless , he starts missing her but at the same time starts hating her . Then what happens finally?? Does he find her at singapore? What up with his love story? WHat is the actual reason behind running away all of a sudden? Does Badri get back his love? Are all the questions that will be answered when you walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Alia Bhat has been amazing in her role as vadeyi she has been charming , bold and she has got the accent right for her role , she convinces you in every frame and it seems she acts with all her heart . Varun Dhawan has also done his role well his comic time was amazing and his expressions he makes you laugh out loud in parts . The rest of the cast has also done a great job. Chemistry between Alia & Varun is commendable its seems they are well too perfect together in every frame and thats what makes you connect as an audience to every emotional scene.


This film has a unique plot with a social message and more over its an perfect entertainer for your weekend , So walk in to the nearest cinema halls and experience love all over again with Badri & Vaideyi .
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