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Saturday, 4 March 2017


A Short Movie with a strong message to the youngsters to "Never Give Up" , the film has Love Story at its backdrop to the theme which appeals to the young generation to go on with the show no matter what :) Camera work has been commendable hats off to the DOP, Production design is cool ie locations are well selected as per the need and demand of the scene , Lyrics of the song & the song "Bittu Hoguve Nanu" is touching , the Lead actors Anil Kumar , Pragya Nayan & Roshan Shetty have done par justice to their roles . Krishnaraj Acharya in a negative role was something i was looking for and mann you got that in you , that aggression and killer instinct with your rugged looks go the right way for the character . The Screenplay and its narration was crisp with story unveiling slow and steady but with emotion and memories to connect on and then The climax has an emotion connected, a feeling that will get you high on sentiment and to your surprise you would be left stunned .
Great work complete cast & Crew of this short film , loved it completely wished i too could be a part of it , 1 frank suggestion for improvement could be to work a bit more on editing front though the flaws were minor and avoidable , just my observation and i felt it should be well conveyed as feedback now that i loved your work. Wishing the complete team all the very best for future assignments :)
Here is my short video review for the film have a look at this :)
& Folks Do watch this short film its worth your time this weekend 

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