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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Aa Gaya Hero

Aa Gaya Hero
The next worst film after Humshakals & Himmatwala 0.5 Star
Give every one a award who can sustain till the end of this movie in the cinemas
A caliber of actor like Govinda choosing a movie of this sort for his comeback is more hurting then anything else . There is absolutely nothing in the film , just a deliberate attempt to showcase heroism , camera work and VFX is horrific few sequences have a dreamy background added through VFX which looks purely cartoonish,there is no connect in any scene and  randomly songs keep popping up and Govinda dances along  with absolutely no scenario defined. The climax plays @ 5x speed with absolutely no sense


There is no existence of screenplay in this film every thing that happens in the film is purely random and has nothing to do with the story .  The story is about a dynamic cop who plans a master game to bring in a change in the country by eliminating every corrupt and cruel politician and he names the file abhinaya chakra where is every one is just acting to be some one and then the rest follows and trust me you would keep wondering about what is actually happening in the film , a villain who has a unique laughter which resembles a siren keeps repeatedly laughing for no reason in his siren way , another gangster speaks in a smooch tone and no one knows why ? Govinda keeps dancing every 20 mins for no reason , a space centre with a kiddish aircraft entering into a cartoonish space centre carrying the villan is shown and no one knows why ?


Govinda is known for his impeccable comic time and he is a natural actor no doubt but this movie he has tried hard to act when he actually dosent need to try hard as he is a natural actor but that has made it look worse then ever ,the rest of the cast of the cast has equally done bad job in the movie . Only Ashutosh rana in the role of gangster has been convincing with his performance


If you just want to watch Govinda on his comeback go for it , else there is not a single reason to watch this movie in the cinemas

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