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Friday, 17 February 2017

The Ghazi Attack

The Ghazi Attack
Despite its flaws the films dives deep to give u patriotic chills 3.5 Star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️.5
Definitely a One Time Must watch and ur sure to return clapping by the end
Indias first war at the sea film excels with its amazing VFX,focused story and a crisp narration . It easily connects to the audience and every time you see the Indian Navy win in its tricks n plans you clap and scream out of happiness now thats the kind of connect it has got . What falls short for the film is its un realistic climax sequence which doesn't appeal to the common logic . And even at few other scenes its logic defying but as al whole its avoidable and a must watch for every INDIAN to watch this fictionized version of the real story of those unsung heroes who made this mission successful . You are sure to clap and return back from the cinemas


The screenplay is well written and narrated but the execution at few point falls dull due to a few sequences where logic seems missing but it completely succeeds in connecting your sentiment to the film as an whole and gives you patriotic chills and by the end im sure you would return back clapping by the end of this film with smiles on your face admist all this Vfx plays a vital role and its done to its best. The mission is about a rare classified mission where pakistan launches its submarine ghazi to attack on India for whatever motive but then how is this well sensed in advance and the team from Indian Navy with all dignity takes off for this mission sacrificing  their happiness family life and with a hope to defeat the enemy. Now how challenging would it be under water with such a sensitive environment ie in the depth of the sea
? So do they succeed in defeating the enemy? What are the tactics and plans they make n how are those executed? Does the mission prove its worth and do the officers return back safe? Is what the movie is all about


The complete cast has put on tremendous effort to get such a beautiful film all together starting with KK menon he is the heart and soul of this film and his role as the captian is to its par excellence , coming to Late Om puri ji he has also been great and coming to the dynamic star Rana Dagubatti he has also been to his best with his performance as the co captain and Atul Kulkarni as usual has done justice to his role completely , well the role of Tapsee panni could have been easily avoided as she didnt have any space in the film


Its a must watch of all the Indians as it proudly decorates the unsung heros of this proud mission which saved soo many lives and the movie has been made with atmost class of graphics, solid perfomances as support and a story to convey . I think its not a miss get going and watch this movie in the nearest cinema halls

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