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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Running Shaddi

Running Shaddi
Unique theme but nothing impressive 1.5 Star
The film has a unique theme explored but it neither succeeds to fully entertain nor provide you a impressive plot or story over all its below average and has nothing much interesting to keep you engaged throughout its run-time except for some warm humorous moment to laugh out on for a while . I do not recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls


The Screenplay is weak and fails completely to entertain you , you are bound to loose the connect with the film as it hardly has any stuff to support its story line except for all those random scenes in the film few of which do not even have any meaning . The story is about a young boy and a girl who fall in love but then as the girl promotes academically for higher studies she finds this guy not so intresting and keeps ignoring this guy and then a whole lot of argument happens and they break up , since then the boy gets emotional and extra aggressive which lands him losing his job and then he never gets any other job and from then on he plans for a new venture a website that allows young couples register themselves for running shaddi ie elope , incase their parents do not agree to get them married and this guy along with his friends helps in executing the plan , and even this girl helps him they hanlde various cases and succed in most of them  but finally their own lives turn apart when the girl smartly acts like she loves some other guys and wants to elope with him and asks this guy to help her with his running shaddi plans , after a long drama he agrees to get her out from her house and help her marry her boyfriend but then after they escape from her home mid way she reveals that she never had a boyfriend and she always wanted to marry this guy whom she broke up with , now how does this guy handle all this and what happens next ? what about the girls family members? and the whole lot of drama is the movie all about


Tapsee Pannu has given a strong perfomance as a tough punjabi girl and coming to Ali he has also done a great job and then rest follows the ensemble cast


This film has nothing out of the box nor it entertains you to the level you expect it to do , i do not recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls

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