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Friday, 24 February 2017


A Cinematic Narrative which can be watched one time provided you have patience 3 Star
A Triangular Love story with war at its backdrop narrated beautifully a but a lot of un-necessary stuff ,extended run-time ,along with a lot of random things happening around messes up the movie as an whole and overdosed action gets the classiness out in few sequences ,but trust me the screenplay is pro and classy the way story is narrated with love at is front end and war it its back end gets a cinematic experience. For normal movie goers this ones definitely not a  worth watch as it would be hard to resist its complete run-time but technically this film wins for its screenplay & its narration , Cinematography at par excellence and performances by the lead pair add beauty to the work . Over all a one time watch if really have patience to appreciate work that has technical excellence and compromise over few aspects .


.The Screenplay is to its par exellence backed by amazing cinematography and techincal value , the way story transists in such a crish manner is way to look for in a movie that you can call cinematic but few random and extra exaggarated sequences bring doen the movie as an whole and if the movie would have be considerably edited well would have work magically in the cinemas
The story is about a famous bollywood actress from Mumbai and her better half Rusi Belumoria who is a producer cum director , everything seems fine with them until the day when this british officer comes with a request to Belumoria asking for  Miss Julia to perform at their base and promises to provide urmost security which later on proves wrong for the very first attempt thats where she meets this young and rigid soilder played by Shahid Kapoor he takes care of here when she is lost i a mishap and makes sure she is always safe and guards her every miniute soon they fall in Love by the time they realize they love each other Mr.Billumoria senses this and starts plotting against this soilder but by then the war angle comes into picture when the british army realize that this soilder who is working for them is actually a undercover Indian Soilder on a special mission , a mission that would liberate crores of Indians from the british and thats when they decide to kill him and then follows the whole action sequence where Miss Julia also plays a major role , So what happens finally ? Does Shahid Succeed in the mission ? What is Miss Julias role in helping this soilder ?  does the mission prove benifitial to Indians and all these questions will be answered when you walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Shahid Kapoor has yet again proved it with his amazing acting skills his role of the solider is justifying and coming to Saif Ali Khan he didnt have much to do and he was normal and then Kangana Ranaut as Miss Julia has nailed it with her perfomance at its par and rest follows the ensemble cast


As i mentioned above this film has a lot of technical value along with a crisp and classy narration so if you can compromise on a legnthy dragged runtime with few random stuff then you can definetly watch this for one time
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