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Sunday, 5 February 2017


A Joyous & Memorable Ride with RAKSHIT Shettys MIDAS TOUCH 4.2 Star
If you gather your college friends and watch this film together you can rewind the whole chapter of your college days would be a perfect reunion in the cinemas itself with those wonderful memories to cheerish , a movie made with balance of student sentiment,amazing & relatable screenplay with a lot of love and the matter of the fact is that the director has got masala,action,dialougebaazi,love,emotion & a lot of humour as a complete combo without compromising on the story & logic ,it delivers a solid high time cinema experience. I highly recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls.KFi has got yet another proud moment with this film


The screenplay is very well written keeping in mind the logic and at the same time not being too preachy its balanced well to capture your sentiments and keep you gripped throughout its complete run time with a lot of smiles on your face , the action sequences were a highlight where we get to see something unqiue then the usual a self commentary in sync with the trashing and slapping sequences, something no one would have expected , the climax makes you feel like you felt during your college farewell . Loved the sequence in which Rakshit Shetty breakes down after the death of his bestfriend who he was in love and then the extreme agression scene that follows when he almost kills his senior who comments wickedly about the girl he loves is seriosuly commendable . The story is about a few engineering students their life in the campus , hostel life, student life , love life and a lot of drama , fun masti all around that surrounds in the college then fight over petty issues and how they tackle it but then 1 incident and the complete life of this one guy among the group changes he turns rigid , he turns the unstoppable , he becomes stone hearted but deep inside he is the same guy but just supressing it until he meets this girl Arya who teaches him to live life and explore the hidden himsef once again foregtting the past .Now what is that incident that changes his life? Does he change with time ? And what happens to his love life? what happnes when he becomes the unstoppable? How does his complete college sum up and whats the conclusion? For all these questios to be answered walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


One man all in the frame convincing you with his action , fun side,the emotional side , the rigid and aggresive side with complete justice to his role throughout every bit and byte of the film is the very talanted and versatile RAKSHIT SHETTY .. The agression scene where he smashes his senior down was tooo good what a perfomance ! Commendable . Coming to the lead actress Rashmika Mandanna as Sanvi has won our hearts with such a sweet, cheerful and memorable perfomance and should say she is soo very beautiful in every frame and perfomed to her par excellence and then comes the 2nd lead actress Samyuktya Hegde as Arya has done her role to the best as a naughty funloving girl . And the role of Ghouse played by Achyuth Kumar was the one who got a lot of smiles on our face . And then follows the ensemble cast


Its a must and worth watch at cinemas ,definetly a proud moment for Kannada film industry for a film like this which will be golbally accepted for the fact that it stands solid with its theme story and complete making , You will love this movie to the core it has everything to keep you gripped all long with a lot and lot of smiles on your face . I hight recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls . For more viist http://yoviews.com  

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