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Friday, 10 February 2017

Jolly LLB2

Jolly LLB-2
Goosebumps guaranteed by the end 3.8 star
The film starts off a bit dull with a DRAGGY FIRST HALF but from the second half  as the court drama takes off the film progresses in such a solid way so as to balance the complete film and give u a goose bumping experience and make u emotional to the core. The amazing one liners and quick comic fillers This movie has a perfect recipe of humour,emotion,reality backed by commendable performance by the complete cast . And finally the climax is worth a big standing applause and the message delivered by the film is high on sentiments and will make you feel worth the watch for the complete drama. I highly recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls


The screenplay for this court drama is well written but could have been more better for the first half as the first half seems to be dragged and doesn't amuse you quite well but thanks to the amazing one liners and quick comic fillers which keep us laughing all throughout  and then should say the second half takes the movie to completely a next level and the whole movie seems balanced and you are sure to come out with a warm and amazing feeling . The climax wins your heart to the core  . The story is about Jugdishwar mishra urf jolly who is a wanna be advocate struggling in his race if life to be a successful lawyer and in this race he gets to do something inhuman with a thought to fix it immediately but then things go really bad his mistake costs some1s life , some1s family and shatters some1s faith on the judicial system and that loss gets jolly high on his guilt ,and thats when he decides to fight the pending case of that person whos life and family was shattered because of his mistake and this case comes out to be v challenging where he goes against the complete state he faces a lot of threats ,he fights it all by his own though multiple attempts are done to prove him a fraud he stand out tall with a hope that justice will not be denied and the truth will win and he fights undefeated and his faceoff with the defence lawyer played by annu kappor can be called an ultimate faceoff as its very intresting .Now what happens finally? Does jolly win the case? Or is he suppressed by this strong corrupt system is what we need to look for in this movie


Akshay kumar as Jolly was really Jolly in carrying himself the best way he could as a advocate and his dialouge baazi just is heart winning and his comic time is perfect . Coming to Annu kapoor he is so very confident and his delivery is no less than the khiladi he has also nailed it to his best and in the court drama both are just woow . And then coming to the judge Saurbh Shukla he is as funky,funny and hilarious as he was the the prequel , he is just too perfect with his role and has made us laugh out loud in the cinemas and then follows the complete ensemble cast who has done a great job


The first half may quite make u feel its not up to the mark but the second half just blows ur mind and heart and u come out surely satisfied watching the film and the climax is sure to leave you with goosebumps . So walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend
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