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Saturday, 25 February 2017


Adrenaline pumping Revenge Drama 4 star
SuperCool Visual effects , Commendable Cinematography backed by power packed performance all over the frame by KICCHA SUDEEPA,the script drives completely on heroism but with complete sensibility to the logic and credibility to the Indian Army ,There is not a single dull moment in the film . It has a complete package of humour, sentiment and a complete Dose of action to cheer out loud in the cinemas . I recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls .


The screenplay is well written with not a single moment to loose track from the film it goes hand in hand with happenings & strategies unveiling one after other making sense to the story in between this we have action humour and emotion well baked with the story line . The climax is just adrenaline pumping and gets you   Enthusiastic . The story is about this young dynamic and energetic army man who has arrived home on getting the news  of his brothers death and then when he enquires on his death its presumed to be sucide but then he knows deep inside that his brother is not among the one who can end his own life and with his analysis he discovers tat its a planned murder , he digs into the facts and starts his journey of tracing out who is behind his brothers death and why? Amidst all this he faces a lot of challanges personally as well as on his way ..So finally does he trace down the real culprits and teach them a lesson  and why is that his brother who is a honest collector is murdered ? How does he find them and what is the final conclusion is the movie all about


One man all over the frame over and out and he is One and only KICCHA SUDEEPA the scenes where in he has shown extreme aggression is seriously commendable and hats off to kiccha sudeepa . Crazy Star RAVICHANDRAN with has charm has given us more reasons to love him. Coming to the Actress Amala she was okie with her role and then coming to the men in negative role Ravishankar and Kabir have done justice to their role and rest follows the amazing ensemble cast


Its a must watch at cinemas this film has everything to keep you fully engaged throughout its runtime . I would say its a complete entertainer and has a  message to convey as well . You would not regret watching this so get going and watch this movie in the nearest cinema halls 

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