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Wednesday, 25 January 2017


A movie with JIGAR,JAAN & SHAAN 4 star
King Khan is back in a powerful heroic avatar with his KOHL EYES,MASS APPEAL & a WONDERFUL STORYLINE in and as#RAEES  and in every frame he has just nailed it with his extraordinary performance,a story with a deep message "Koi Dhanda Chota nahi hota aur dhanda sai bada koi dharm nahi hota PROVIDED IT DOSENT CAUSE HARM TO ANY INNOCIENT"  and we return back with a message RAEES IS NOT THE ONE WHO IS JUST RICH ENOUGH ,RAEES IS THE ONE WHO TAKES RESPONSIBILITY OF HIS ACTIONS . The climax will just blow u up high on emotion and trust me the climax is just just hilarious and redefining unlike other typical flicks . I RECOMMEND WATCHING THIS IN THE NEAREST CINEMA HALLS . its a dhamakedar movie with pinch of every bit and byte of emotion,love ,punch and intelligent story.


The screenplay is very well written which keeps you gripped with the film ...the first half creates a build up image of RAEES and his intelligence and how he tackles every situation with a cool trick to save him all way round and then slolwy progresses with how raees comes out to be a saviour to his people and how he handles his business and then the face off between The cop played by nawazudin and Raees,the director has very well caputred the inside out of Gujarat and its traditions . The climax is seriously amazing and the best part .Apart from this the film is baked well with punching dialouges, powerful high octane action sequences and a punching dialouge delivery. The story is about Raees a man who from his young age is passionate about business and he takes up his moms advice seriously treating every small business a big deal and thats how he grows to be the biggest businessmen but then he is not just a businessman he is a man with a golden heart he never does anything at the cost harming the innocent ,he helps the poor and the needy and what are the challanges he faces while running out a illegal business ? And there is 1 mistake that he makes which get his break his own rule of life ignorantly and does he take the responsibility of that? And how does he fix it? And what is the mistake all about and what is that amazing climax and how is SRK as a badass gangster with heart ? For all this walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this wekend


KING KHAN SHAH RUKH KHAN has been totally killing it in every frame with his badass avatar , powerful punches , a completely kick ass look and obviously his amazing acting skills ,he convinces u in every bit and byte of his performance and act you are sure to whistle and go whooo screaming out loud  at level of his character portryal ,loved his attitude as Raees ,his mannerism and he completely drives u by his heroism he is just all in the frame throughout the film , coming to The lead actress Mahira khan she has very little to do and she has done a good job all together and coming to the tough cop NAWAZUDDIN he has given excellent performance with his natural acting and dialouge delivery ,the face off between Raees and Cop is just something to look for with all excitement . Coming to the ensemble cast has done a great job .


Poora paisaa vasool movie its worth every penny you pay , best family masala entertainer with every thing to take you on a great entertaining ride from love,action,emotion,thought provoking and a mazedar plot and narration all together. no second thought go for it and come back entertained and with a super amazing message
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