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Next Review on Jan 18th for the Film Cheat India [Latest Review of the Week URI 4 Star]

Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Terrific and one of the best revenge drama in recent times 4 star
A movie with such a emotional grip n connect coupled with commendable performances by the lead cast and a narration to sentimentally attach you with the story over and all making it a worth watch at cinemas. The reason why we use the word "SPECIALLY ABLED" for person with any disability proves right in place proving no one is weak its all in the mind . If you are really kaabil a mind set is all tat can do . Loved the initial challenging dialouge by Hrithik and its execution till the end of the film carried by a man who is bilnd but has his own vision . Go for it and watch it in the nearest cinema halls


The screenplay is well written you actually dont seem to be feeling how fast the time passes on and the narration just goes smooth as it was always from the beginning . Perfomances add more beauty to the script ,the climax where all the challenges put forth by Hritik is fulfilled seems like a moment of victory for the audience and you end up clapping. The story is about 2 young hearts who meet each other,date fall in love and decide to start their life together ie they happily get wedded as a couple,everything just goes perfect and they share a great chemistry until when a dark phase of their life starts when son of a rich corporater misbehaves and gets back a tight slap on his face for which he gets miffed and takes revenge by molesting the Hritiks wife , the couple tries everything to go by the law , they file an FIR but the cops come out to be greedy slaves to the corporater and they close this case with a note of lack of evidence ,the couple looses hope and they drop over fighting this case but then next day all of a sudden Hritiks wife commits sucide and when hritik reasearchs back to facts  he finds a sucide letter which says that the girl was molested by the same guy again and had threatened her to be doing this over and again . Reading all this Hrithik puts up a open challange to those corrupt cops that he would be taking action himself and says they would b able to see everything but wont be able to figure out what has happened...Their mouths will be open but they wont be able to explain what happened ...and he does this all alone and each and every challange he puts up is fulfiled gracefully by the end and that gets a smile on our face and a chill of emotion . Now what are the whole set of challages he puts up? Does he succeed? How does he do it all alone? Are all the questions thAt will be answered when you walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


HRITHIK ROSHAN has given the best performance in the recent time he has been above the level of convincing with his bombatic and die hard performace , he is sure to win hearts with this one . Coming to Yami Gautam she has also done justice to her role gracefully and then in the negative role Ronit Roy has killed it may it be with his accent, his mannerism, his extreme anger and agression he has got it all right in focus and reest follows the remaining cast


its a worth watch at cinemas go ahead and add this too for ur loong weekend as its not a miss for bollywood . Get going and watch the movie its a perfect famiy entertainer and will get your sentiments rightfully connected to this movie

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