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Friday, 20 January 2017

Coffee With D

Coffee With D
Not as much as expected 2 Star
Except for a few lite hearted humour and moments to laugh on this movie doesn't have a apt script nor a context to theme this movie well its just a random attempt to deliver few laughs . The first half is below average and dragged with some random stuff moving forward the second half delivers laugh out loud moments when in Don is interviewed and we get to see the ultimate face offf between the journalist and D . The climax just ends with a sudden twist . Over all its not worth watch in the cinemas.


The screenplay is average going delivering few laughs but dosent have a strong narration to grip or amuse you to the best . The story is about a sensational journalist Arnab who is roughly based on Arnab Goswami who gets the nation know a lot of things in his heated debate on his prime time slot but then things slow down when the prime time slot is snatched from him for whatever reasons and thats when eveb the channel goes in losses and has a deadline of 2 months to be back on track and thats when a master plan hits arnabs mind and that is interviewing the most wanted D live they start planning for this and provoke D with few annoying news coverages which makes D call this reporter and he agrees to give a personal interview for the channel and instructs them on reaching the spot . Now how does this go , does D really give an interview or there is a master plan behind this ? Do they come back safe from D's place ? And whats the conclusion is the movie all about .


Sunil Grover has been mediocre with his performance as arnab , Dippanita Sharma has been perfect in her role of a reporter , Anjana as wife has also done a good job and coming to  Zakir Hussain as D has been super awesome in his role and has got us laugh out loud all throught


Its not a worth watch at cinemas as very few scenes have been great and the rest just average and random . Still of you are looking for some timepass go Ahead and watch this movie this weekend
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