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Friday, 23 December 2016


Goosebumps guaranteed 4 Star  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
This movie can be proudly called a fully fledged   Biopic, from moments to scream out to moments to smile over and to moments that make u proud and emotional and inspire you Dangal has it all in a package in its complete run time and a very strong message "Apni chooriyaaa choroo sai kam nahi hai" . The climax makes u stand up tall and celebrate our nations victory with claps and applause all around in the cinemas . I highly recommend this in the nearest cinema halls its not at all a miss for bollywood


The screenplay is baked up well everything kn balance there no extra masalaa or tadka added to it,it goes simple Yet powerful with moments to celebrate,moments to cry over and a  goose bumping journey to inspire from . The climax was the best part and i guarantee you wont return back without standing up in respect in the climax . The story revolves around the like of Mahaveer singh phogat and his wresting dream which somehow gets supersed in the run of life and he dreams to see his children live his dream of winning Gold medal for the country after multiple wait and prayers he never gets a boy child he is always blessed with a girl child which makes him leave his hopes of seeing his son win a gold medal but then noo sooner he realizes that Gold is Gold no matter if its got by a girl or a boy and thats when he takes up a challenge to train his daughters in wrestling his efforts see mild to high results in span of years and it continues  but then as his first daughter qualifies for international championship things change his daughter finds his techniques obsolete/outdated she looses her track but mahaveer singh phogat fails to convince her and on the other end his younger daughter in under way to win the nationals . Now does his younger daughter too change once she wins national and goes ahead for international and joins the academy or is it that they both realize that where they stand today is all because of her fathers techniques and hardships he has taken up in to train them . And what challanges do they face all the way from politics in the team to discouragement and do they make it up for the finals , what challenges does their father face in training them all these questions will be answered when u walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Aamir khan as Mahaveer Singh Phogat wins your heart all over with his amazing acting to his almost perfect Haryanvi accent which looks very authentic and hats off to his dedication , coming to Sakshi Tanveer she has also done complete justice to her as wife and a mother , Now the credits dont end here the wrestlers Fatima Singh  as Geeta Phogat , zaira wasim as young geeta , sanya malohtra as babita kumari have done par justice to their roles and finally a reason for smile on every ones face was this character Rohit Shankarwar who has played the   Role of cousin.


Its a worth watch at cinemas you will
Feel like you are cheering team India live such is the sentiment u will get while watching this movie and you will surely return back with goose bumps and applause . So walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend  for more visit http://yoreviews.blogspot.in


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