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Friday, 9 December 2016


Nothing more than a timepass watch 2.5 Star
Entertaining 1st half , Typical and uncool 2nd Half
An age old formula of 2 people metting each other casually,n then getting away and gradually missing each other but still marrying a 3rd person and then finally on the wedding day realizing and getting back to each other is all befikre all about . The movie has a lot of humorous moments to laugh out on,exotic locales,romantic moments , lot of kisses and decent music what lacks on the part is the story line which seems more taken in a bekifre way compromising sense and story. Overall you can watch it once in the cinemas for timepass given that it has a few humorous moments ad Ranvir singhs perfomance .


The screenplay was well written with a lot of moments to cherish laugh sing and dance it has a lot of energy but as the 2nd half progress it goes dull and dragged to its core to be like every other typical bollywood movie with typical stuff sorrounding till the climax and coming to the climax it was totally uncool and didnt seem to be any where near Aditya chopras legacy. The story is about 2 young energetic and cool youths Shaira and Dharam who meet up at an dj party become friends and the very day they meet they get into a casual relationship which continues on to lead them to move in together and then few petty issues make them break up and they move on with their life, DHaram continues to date different ladies and on the other end shaira decides to settle down in her life by marrying a investment banker on getting this news even dharam decides to marry his new casual girlfriend , What happens next? Do shaira and dharam get back and marry each other ? or do they marry the other are all the questions that will be answered when we watch the movie in the nearest cinema halls


Ranvir Singh has been naturally funny , charming and has done justice to his role as dharam , he makes you smile and laugh with his energy and also his comic time coming to Vani Kapoor she has done her role normally and has been cool throughout. REst of the cast has also done a great job .


For a few smiles and laughs this weekend you can consider watching this movie in the nearst cinema halls , acording to me its a timepass watch if you are ready to over look a bad story and typical drama for a few laughs then consider watching this in the cinemas else it is a movie you wont regret missing for sure. For more visit http://yoviews.com

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